It has come to our notice that some unscrupulous individual(s)/ group(s)/ agencies/ institution(s), companies etc. are impersonating themselves as being associated with our Company and/ or the various brands/logos/ trade marks of the company, such as “Manyavar”, “Mohey”, “Mebaz”. Such illegally motivated impersonation is being done by making representations to the public that they are,employee(s)/ agent(s)/ representative(s)etc.of our Company. These miscreants are attempting to promote events and/ or inviting members of the publicfor events and/ or making job offersand/ or carrying out other such activities under the false pretext that they are associated with our Company and its brands. Our Company has also noticed that such miscreants are luring members of the public with purported employment opportunities and asking for monetary deposits, fees, processing fees, training fees, documentation etc., under the garb of being associated with our Company and its brands. These miscreants are circulating fake advertisements/ messages/ promotional material, through the medium of emails/messaging services/flyers/ letters/ posters/ telephone call/ postson various web portals and social media pagesincluding but not limited to WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

This is to notify the general public that we, never authorize and/or appoint individual(s)/ group(s)/agencies/companies/institution(s) of such nature to act on our behalf and/or publicize such events or opportunities and/or cause circulation of such fraudulent messages/ advertisements and also we never require applicants to pay any amount of monies in any form or for any purpose at any stage of its recruitment and selection process.

We follow a formal recruitment process through our internal team and are in no way connected to such illegal ventures and/ or any such misleading messages/ advertisements/ communication circulated via the aforesaid mediums. We will not accept any liability or responsibility for any loss or harm or damage caused or suffered or incurred, directly or indirectly, through correspondence and/ or interaction, withsuchfraudulent individual(s)/ group(s)/ recruitment agencies/institution(s)/touts of any kind, or if the public acts based on such false offers. Since such offers/ advertisements/ communication do not relate to us in any way, they do not amount to an offer or representation from us, under any circumstances, whatsoever.

We suggest the general public to exercise utmost caution when they encounter any such fraudulent calls/ messages/ communication and refrain from entertaining them. In case any individual comes across any such fraudulent incident, they are welcome to report the same via an email to [email protected] and such information will help us curb such unlawful activities and take appropriate action against the miscreants, as also protect the interests of the general public.